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This is the first one we hit, said Flores, 66,who left nearly all her belongings behind at her apartment, save a few changes of clothes.Theyve fed us. Theyve gone looking fordog food.Ive even had some of their spicy curry. For the Sikhs of Rio Linda, where holy day festivals can bring more than 700 attendees but weekday prayers attract a handful at most, the acts of kindness are a religious calling. Theyve also hosted faces familiar to their own, with Sikhs fleeing flood-prone areas seeking refuge. Our temples all temples always have a rule of having an open-door policy to house and feed anybody. Thats one of themost important teachings of our guru, said Raj Kumar Sood, a truck driver who is the temples board secretary. But weve never seen Scarves a crowd like this. So on top of the usual industrial-size batches of rice, lentils, cauliflower and spinach volunteers cook for the prayerful each week, community members have chipped into add someAmerican flare to their offers. A Sikh who runs a pizza shop closed it on Monday, directing his staff to make vegetarian pies, spaghetti and macaroni and cheese to donate to the temple. Variety packs of chips sat alongside stacks of bottled water in a dining hall. Cans of Dr Pepper were plentiful.

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